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Tsherin Sherpa

My designs for this group of carpets in collaboration with Mt. Refuge, although, are inspired by traditional motifs such as tiger, dragon and Phoenix etc., these designs are created through my usual approach of contemporary art-making, where tradition and modernity is in constant negotiations.

By adding, deducting or manipulating existing traditional designs, a nostalgia as well as curiosity arises. Perhaps even a new dimension, that which, allows me to see it with a new perspective. I hope the audiences who interacts with these carpets can also experience the same.

Our First Collection
Homage to Tibetan Rugs

Mt. Refuge provides homage to the tradition of ancient Tibetan rugs with our first collection of limited edition Tiger rugs. Tiger rugs are extremely rare, and difficult to find, and much of their history is shrouded in mystery. Tibetan refugees brought their weaving tradition to Nepal to found a new industry, which drew the world’s attention to this otherwise mysterious and ancient craft.*

Tiger rugs hold a special place amongst Tibetan rugs, depicting one of the most esoteric art forms of this tradition. Tiger rugs are unique in colors featuring shades
of red to rust and gold, unlike the vast majority of blue Tibetan rugs.* Tiger rugs also feature a wider variety of abstraction, with a high level of artistic sophistication. Our first collection seeks to capture the diversity, creativity, and modernity of Tiger rugs; their beauty is a source of wonder and inspiration for us.* Utilizing ancient world Tibetan rugmaking techniques, we bring to life renowned artist Tsherin Sherpa’s contemporary Tiger designs, in our first collection.
*Lipton, Mimi. (1988). The Tiger Rugs of Tibet. Thames and Hudson Ltd.